Why Melkava

Melkava brings properties to the buyer that ideally match their needs.why-melkava1

Following an initial meeting, we listen carefully to what the buyer really wants, then contact our network of developers and sellers to recommend quality accommodation. Those properties that match the buyer’s needs are then reduced to a shortlist and presented to the buyer. We also keep buyers informed of updates in the Cypriot property market, allowing them to make an informed, un-pressured decision.


Our service is cost effective or completely free of charge, which means that:

  • Buyers do not spend hours searching for their ideal property
  • Buyers receive recommended properties based on their needs and requirements from carefully selected and trusted developers and sellers
  • All properties sold will have full title deeds
  • Buying your ideal property is easy as we offer impartial legal assistance, if required
  • Obtaining a mortgage is assisted by a native Greek speaker, if required



Our clear fee structure means buyers;

  • only pay for the service they wantwhy-melkava2
  • receive impartial and cost effective assistance
  • can potentially receive thousands of pounds cash back.

Watch more about Melkava here:-


If you have any questions, queries or comments about our real estate, visa Services and financial arrangments in Cyprus and Greece, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss with you. Call us on 01522 519 197, or drop us an email at stav@melkava.co.uk, or fill this form.

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