Marinas House, Cyprus

4 bedroom detached villa for sale

Would consider a reasonable/equal UK house swap!!

All building permits, plans and deeds upto date and available upon request.

A spacious 4 bedroom home completed in 2007. This beautiful home is built on two levels and offers gas central heating throughout and ceiling fans in all bedrooms and seating area. The house is designed in sympathy with the environment. It is a large L shaped house to make the most of the sun/shade and breezes. It is very much an outdoor- living-in, with 3 large patio doors extending to the garden and verandas providing constant views of the pool and gardens. The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, then to the left a large spacious informal lounge with an open fireplace and wood burner, bi-folding internal doors open into the family kitchen dining area with a large range cooker and a Belfast sink with a large utility room/larder. The floor is tiled throughout. There is a downstairs WC and a main bedroom with a large shower, separate bath, large walk-in wardrobe and an under stairs storage area.

Upstairs is tiled throughout and there is a large double bedroom with en-suite shower/WC and built in wardrobes with a large balcony with views. There are 2 further double rooms sharing a bathroom which enjoy a Juilette balcony with views and rear garden views into the olive groves. Attic storage space with pull down stairs.

The front of the property is surrounded by a large veranda which is canopied by a beautiful pergola with a cool sail weaved through it proving a fabulous breeze and a much wanted shade. Further from that you can take a small step into the gravelled garden area where it leads to the pool, pool patio and pool house/shower or into the surrounding garden which hosts various seasonal fruit trees and olive trees. To the side of the property there is a large carport providing a cool area for at least 2-3 cars and a gated drive. The rear of the property has a small patio seating area perfect for the stone pizza oven whilst you admire the village stone built wall and a lovely fig tree. To the front of the property is a large stone wall which provides extra security and safety with a small entrance gate and the carport gates.

This home is in Anoyira village which allows you to enjoy the typical Cypriot village life. It is 500m above sea level, which means you avoid all the humidity, but enjoy a cool breeze. There are amazing walks and yet only 40 mins to Troodos mountains, and 15 mins to the beach. It is only 25 mins to Pafos airport with great access to UK. There are some great little wineries to explore throughout the area, including a wine route mapped in useful guide leaflets available at airports.

The villa is located within 10 min drive to Evdimou Beach and 15 min drive to Pissouri Bay. There are various small bays to explore as well as the beautify Curium Beach which is 20 mins away. All beaches are grey sand/shingle. Lady’s mile beach is a shallow sandy beach with various cafes along the beach and a great children’s adventure play area.

The house enjoys being within a 15 mins drive to the prestigious Columbia beach resort/spa and hotel and the Pissouri bay and Village. It is only 25mins drive to Aphrodite Hills / Elias and the Secret Valley Golf Courses allowing keen golfers access to all 3 courses. It is 35 mins drive to either Pafos or Limassol town centres and has access to local village shops and supermarket within 10 mins drive.

Key Features :

  • Pool
  • Garden
  • Heating
  • Spacious
  • Character

Price : €539,500

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  26. Robertdat says:
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  27. Robertdat says:
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  28. Robertdat says:
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  31. Robertdat says:
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  32. Robertdat says:
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