Immigration & Visas (Non-EU) Greece

  • Purchase agreement
  • Notarial registration
  • Registration with the Inland Revenues.
  • Issuance of residence permits in accordance to the existing legislation.

Finally, as per with other EU customer, we can also offer a conclusive after sales support with local legal representation, tax return submission and other.


Q : What is the legislation on minimum property value to obtain a residence permit?

Ans : The minimum value of the property should be 250.000euros, in order to obtain a PERMANENT residence permit.spouse, children (up to 21 years old) and parents are also entitled to the residence permit.

Q : What is the status of request a Greek ID or passport?

Ans : In general, a residence permit holder may acquire the Greek citizenship if the following basic criteria apply:

  • No criminal record
  • No deportation
  • Residence in Greece for seven years
  • Knowledge of the Greek language
  • Please note that the criteria above are the basic criteria for any residence permit holder. So far, there is no specification, regarding Permanent Residence Permit holders, as the first investors will be qualified to apply for citizenship in 2020.

Q. Would you be able to take over the contracts and the issuance of the permit in Chania?

Ans. Yes , definitely. I am very proud to say that my Firm has achieved to get the Permanent Residence Permit within 2 – 15 working days from the registration of the deeds to the investor’s name.

Q. What would be the procedure for this and what paperwork needed on behalf of the potential buyer?

Ans. In order to purchase a property, the buyer needs to provide:

  • Power of attorney to my Firm for the completion of the purchase and the residence permit application
  • A utility bill or other document confirming his/her permanent residence abroad (in English)
  • A letter from his/her employment confirming his employment details

With the documents above, we register the buyer at the Greek Tax authority and open a bank account in his / her name in a Greek Bank.

As soon as the deeds are registered to the buyer’s name, the buyer needs to provide:

  • His/her original passport [ confirming that he/she has entered Greece at least once ]
  • Two passport photos

For family members

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

to prove the family relation to the investor. These documents should be translated to English and bear the apostille seal or the Greek Consulate’s stamp.

In addition to the above, a health insurance is needed (my Firm arranges for this).

Q : Is there any difference in Chinese buying Commercial properties such as hotels?

Ans : No, the buyers could purchase any kind of property ( plot, building, commercial property ).

Q : Would it make any difference if the investment would be over 1 or 2 mil euros ?

Ans : Depending on how much money will be invested, there is a possibility for the investors to invite a certain number of business executives who will be entitled to residence permit.

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