Hotel in Kato Stalos - Crete

Hotel in Kato Stalos – Crete

Hotel in Kato Stalos : 28 rooms with a capacity of 70 people (about 24 square meters each) Each room has its own balcony overlooking the sea and the pool.

Great pool and direct exit to the sandy beach The site has also a bar with a small dining area (Restaurant) and an additional space of 80 square meters which serves as Branch mini market.

Returns: The hotel has an occupancy of 80-90% and 95% during the high season. The equipment there is since 2001 the right wing of the building and on the left is placed 2014. The hotel has a good degree on booking and considerable Earnings per season of 180,000 € – 200,000 € price is 2,500,000 € (the price includes one extra house – villa 120 sq.m)

Plot 1200 sq.m.

Dimensions 750 sq.m building

Hotel Kato Stalos Exterior View
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