Finding property

Melkava offer a 1, 2 or 3 step process – buyers choose how much, or how little, assistance they require:

Initial consultation: Free
The purpose of the consultation is for us to understand exactly what your property needs are and for you to decide if you wish to use our services further.

  1. Recommendation and presentation of suitable properties: Fees Complimentary
  2. Buyers may view the properties in Cyprus
  3. Buyers can fly at their own costs or can be assisted by Melkava to view properties:
  4. Fees £995 (includes flights for one person, hotel accommodation and 2 meals per day)
  5. Melkava will assist and manage the negotiations process with the developer ensuring the best possible deal for the investor
  6. Melkava will negotiate with the banks both in Cyprus and the UK ensuring the best and safest deal (Melkava will ensure there will never be unexpected surprises)
  7. Melkava will organize the tittle deeds
  8. Melkava will organize means test ensure that the investors can be aware of all financial eventualities


Property in Cyprus for Sale 

Cyprus draws on a rich patchwork of cultures, having seen everything from Middle Eastern to Western European inhabitants over the last 9000 years. This makes Cyprus a totally unique and distinctive country, and a wonderful place to live. The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is home to a diverse range of landscapes and cities. From the pine-clad Troodos Mountains in the island’s interior, to the bustling streets of Nicosia, you can find property in Cyprus in some stunning locations. Many people head to Cyprus for the classic spotless beaches and turquoise waters. Resort towns such as Ayia Napa attract thousands of tourists looking to party into the night. More sedate villages and towns are dotted right around the coast, with some superb property in Cyprus for sale. Property in Larnaca, property in Paphos and property in Limassol all offer wonderfully historic surroundings in some of the best towns in Cyprus. All throughout the island you can find property near shaded vineyards, ancient monasteries, sandy beaches, citrus groves and castle ruins. Cyprus is one of the most vivid locations in all the Med! Find Property in Cyprus for Sale.

If you have any questions, queries or comments about our real estate, visa Services and financial arrangments in Cyprus and Greece, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss with you. Call us on 01522 519 197, or drop us an email at, or fill this form.

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