Title Deeds

Cyprus Property Title Deed Problems


If you own a house, apartment and any other property in Cyprus but do not have your title deeds then help is here. Stav Melides Cypriot-born, who has been a UK resident for 40 years, He has been working with Cyprus for many years from Melkava  services, a British registered company can help you to get your deeds.

All those planning to buy or those having already bought properties in Cyprus, feel free to get it touch with Stav Melides from Melkava services at www.melkava.co.uk. Stav and his team of experts will take care of every bit of the process of finding and buying the right property for you and at the right price and he will ensure that you will never buy any unworthy property or get into the wrong property deals or get a bad bank loan. Stav will give you a fantastic experience in buying or selling your property in Cyprus.

Stav and his team have the legal and professional expertise in managing your property investment from buying a new property or selling your existing one.

Those property owners that are trapped in a wrong or fraudulent transaction, Stav and his team of experts can in most cases get you out. He provides support and can assist finding and negotiating the best way forward. Stav will negotiate with the developer and the bank at the highest level in order to get the best possible deal for the badly effected buyer.

For those who have such challenges Stav says please do not just throw the keys at the bank or at the developer because there is strong possibility that they may legally chase you in the UK via the EU.