Corporate property services

Corporate Services

We offer in-house the core advisory services pertaining to corporate acquisitions and private investments. Supplementary support services are outsourced to select professionals, as needed. When it comes to investing in Cyprus or from Cyprus, we  offer our clients a one-stop-shop service

Many of our International clients choose to invest through a tax-advantaged holding company or move their Head Office to Cyprus. We pool our investment management know how with select tax accountants and corporate lawyers, to offer you advice on appropriate structures and processes for managing your private investments from Cyprus.

Corporate property services
Corporate property services

In addition, before, during or after a private investment, our clients may need supplementary support services – such as Legal, Audit, Tax Advisory, or Corporate Administration.  Whatever the services needed, we are the natural choice to act as Lead Advisors or Project Leaders in any transaction:

First, because we already offer in-house the main and most crucial know-how needed by our clients. Mainly the fund-raising, investment analysis, deal structuring and post-investment monitoring know-how.

Second, because we have the experience to determine what supplementary services are needed

Third, because we have no conflict of interest, since our main income is generated from success fees – not from man hours or services rendered. In that respect, we outsource supplementary services only when and if they are necessary to the successful conclusion of a transaction.

Our main tasks as Lead Advisers are to:

  • advise on what additional services are needed
  • recommend suitable firms, or professionals
  • negotiate their scope & terms of reference
  • monitor their performance and quality of service
  • co-ordinate activities between them
  • ensure our clients get value for money

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